2-C injection moulding

2-component injection moulding

Due to the high investment costs for production volumes below 10,000 parts, it is not cost-effective to injection-mould with a genuine 2-component tool (rotating ejector side) on a 2-component machine.

Consequently, we manufacture prototypes from different plastics using two tools (one mould for each component) and change over by hand.

Here, hard/hard and hard/soft combinations are possible. We can also achieve a combination of 2-component injection moulding and insert moulding.

Prototype: Syringe body


  • From start of design to the first part: 14 days
  • Previous output quantity: 2,000 units
  • Possible output quantity: 20,000 units
  • Material Hard component: PC
  • Material Soft component: TPE
  • Special features: Hard component as the insert for the soft component mould