2-component injection moulding

Multi-component injection moulding makes it possible
to produce to produce parts from several different plasticsen

Due to the high investment costs for quantities below 10,000 parts, it is uneconomical to inject on a 2-component machine with a true 2-component mould (rotating ejector side). Therefore, we produce prototypes in different plastics from two moulds (one injection mould for each component) and via the transfer process by hand. Combinations of hard/hard or hard/soft are possible. A combination of 2-component and insert injection moulding can also be realised.

Project example

Handle housing with push button
Handle housing with push button

Start of construction
until first part

14 days

output quantity

20.000 pieces

Material components
(hard / soft)

PA 6 GF30 white
TPE black

Special feature
of the project

Hard component with soft component

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