Prototype injection moulding

Fast prototypes from original materials

Are you looking for high-quality prototypes made of series material that are indistinguishable from the original? That is exactly our expertise! Through our innovative rapid prototyping processes, we turn your ideas into reality in the shortest possible time and in the highest quality. This gives you the opportunity to physically check the design and functionality of your product before it goes into mass production. We support you in all phases of the project with our team of experts.

Your advantages

  • Low-cost production of high-quality injection moulded parts
  • Pilot and pre-series
  • Backup tools
  • Tool changes can be implemented quickly and easily
  • Experience values for your planning of large series tools
  • Acceleration of your series tool development

Project flow

1. Data transfer and customer consultation

After transferring the data, we check your project, advise you in detail and prepare an offer for you. Secure data transfer and a confidentiality agreement are a matter of course

2. Optimisation and design

Once the order has been placed and the final 3D data has been received, the tool halves (nozzle side and ejector side) are designed on the PC using CAD/CAM programs.

Close cooperation between our project managers and the customer enables us to incorporate specific customer requirements, such as sprue and ejector positions, surface finishes and more.

During the design process, our project managers pay attention to the demouldability of the contours. We create undercuts with sliders or inserts.

3. High-precision CNC milling

CNC machines mill the tool contours (without chemical coolants) into aluminium or brass raw parts.

Spindle speeds of up to 60,000 rpm enable the elaboration of filigree contours. The smallest possible cutter diameter is 0.3 millimetres.

Our machine capacities

4. Tool and mould making

The complete assembly and mounting of the tool halves is carried out in our in-house toolmaking department. The 3D design data are available as assembly instructions.

5. Production by injection moulding

The tool is set up on the injection moulding machine. Plastic granulate liquefied in the machine flows into the moulding tool at high pressure.

Our machinery

6. Quality control and shipping

By means of documented dimensional, functional and material tests, we ensure that each product meets the specifications. The parts are then packaged according to your requirements and shipped on schedule.

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